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Create the incredible taste of Granny Apple Sorbet with YoFrozy's Sorbet base mix.

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Granny Apple Sorbet Frozen Yogurt Flavor with Sorbet base powder mix

All Natural. Diabetic & Lactose Intolerant Friendly. Probiotics. Low Glycemic. Antioxidants. Gluten-Free. Kosher. And More!

A world-class taste with a world-class health benefit, the combination of healthy ingredients in Healthy Response Treats' Granny Apple Sorbet makes our product the best in the world. With our product there is no need to sacrifice taste for good health or good health for a great taste - we give you both!

  • Give Customers The Best Taste AND Health

    Customers may follow their taste preferences over their health, so help them enjoy the best tasting and healthiest Granny Apple Sorbet flavor available!

  • Heart-Healthy

    Our product is designed to boost energy, enhance digestion and eliminate harmful ingredients found in competitor's products, all of which promote better health.

  • Create Vibrant Flavors!

    YoFrozy frozen yogurt base mixes create the most vivid, brilliant and ideal flavors, especially Granny Apple Sorbet.

Sorbet Granny Apple Sorbet Frozen Yogurt Flavor with Sorbet base powder mix

The Benefits

Low Glycemic

Sweetened with either natural crystalline fruit sugar or plant-based Stevia, YoFrozy's frozen yogurts deliver a refreshing, sweet treat without causing sugar spikes.


Our probiotics are micro-encapsulated to ensure a healthy portion of probiotics are delivered in every serving while maintaining a long shelf life.

No Animal Fat

All of our base flavors have zero animal fats which makes digestion easier and all around healthier to consume. In fact most of our products are naturally fat free.

B-Vitamin Energy Boost

Our all-natural base products deliver a b-vitamin complex to help boost energy and provide essential nutrients necessary to maintaining a healthy body.

Lactose Intolerant Friendly

The small amount of milk products in our mixes has been nano-encapsulated to reduce or eliminate problems for those who are lactose intolerant.


While all our flavors have antixodants, our premium tart has the most natural tartness from a superfruit that also delivers off-the-charts antioxidants!

Enhances Digestion

Have a dessert that adds balance in your life. YoFrozy's frozen yogurt products are designed to naturally support a healthy and consistent digestive system.

Fat-Trimming Chocolate

Your dreams have come true! Our dark chocolate frozen yogurt contains healthy ingredients that are actually proven to help people trim fat.

Non-Dairy Options

Four of our nine base flavors are non-dairy mixes that can be made into 60 different flavor combinations to make frozen yogurt, sorbets and smoothies.

How To Make The World's Best Frozen Yogurt

Select A Frozen Yogurt Powder Base Flavor

Choose a Base Mix

Choose a base flavor: vanilla, dark chocolate, premium tart or sorbet sweetened with fruit sugar or Stevia

Mix Frozen Yogurt Powder With Water

Mix With Water

Mix 7.6 liters of pure water with each 2.7 kilogram bag of powder.

Combine Frozen Yogurt Mix With Liquid Flavor

Add In Over 140 Flavorings

Add in 175 milliliters of liquid flavoring and mix well to create a huge variety of flavors

Freeze and Serve Frozen Yogurt

Create The Magic!

Run the final liquid mixture through any commercial frozen yogurt machine and serve within minutes!

Healthy Frozen Yogurt By The Numbers

YoFrozy Wholesale Frozen Yogurt By The Numbers

Base Product Mixes
Flavor Creations
million probiotics
per 4 ounce serving
Gross Profits Donated To Children's Charities

Try All Of Our Flavors

You can also create custom flavors with fresh fruit juices and blended ingredients (e.g. water and peanut butter).
Simply replace some of the water with your juice or mixture and mix to taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Call us, tell us what kind of store, restaurant or facility you run and we'll help you choose the best product mix for you. Orders will begin when 50% of payment is received and delivered when the remainder is received.

How long does it take to make and ship my order?

All orders take a minimum of 6 weeks from the date payment is received to manufacturer and ship. At times we can deliver product faster and will work with you to meet your goals.

How long can I store YoFrozy powdered frozen yogurt?

All of our products have a minimum shelf life of 12 months and can last up to 18 months when stored in cool, dry and dark places. Our powder is durable under a range of temperatures and should be kept dry until ready to use. Once mixed, the mixture can last refrigerated for up to 10 days.

How is the quality?

We know you'll be impressed. Our powders are extremely water soluable resulting in zero powdery residue or taste. Because our ingredients are all natural, you'll find the taste to be superb and far more satisfying than any other product on the market.

Which machines can I use with a powder formula?

Once our powdered frozen yogurt mixes with water, it's just like any liquid frozen yogurt that can be poured into a standard soft-serve machine. Call us to discuss your machine requirements and compatibility with our product.

How to report issues / feedback?

We love what we do and we want to ensure you love our product. If you have any needs, including advice and guidance on your business, our team of experts are here to help. Just give us a call!

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